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Veto the ordinary.

Vancouver Office & Studio
2034 W 11th Ave - Unit 140
Vancouver, BC V6J 2C9
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the power
of veto

In a world where emotions drive 80% of purchasing decisions, we offer growth-focused Brand Executives a promise as bold as it is intuitive.

Where emotions run deep, so do we. Our expertise lies in delving into the depths of understanding, uncovering insights that elude others, and creating advertising experiences that don't just advertise; they transform your business.  If your brand prioritizes a rational purchasing process over an emotional one, there’s an inherent imbalance in your approach, and we kindly invite you to veto the ordinary.  We are an award-winning, international, emotion-driven advertising agency, poised to serve you from strategy to execution.

80% Emotion


20% Logic


Brand Development & Strategy

Build a strong foundation for your brand and business expansion through Naming & Brand Architecture, Competitive Analysis, Segmentation & Journeys, Award-Winning Creative, Customer Engagement Plans, Advocacy Engagement, DTC Marketing, Omnichannel Planning & Implementation, Loyalty & CRM, CX Strategy, Social Media, Content Strategy, and Cultural Discovery.

Branded Entertainment

Transform your brand into an unforgettable spectacle and bolster its positioning through Award-Winning Film Production, Film Festival Strategy, Fundraising Strategy, Product Placement, Red Carpet Events, and Social Media Amplification.

Dynamic Social Community Building

Captivate your audience across all platforms with a steady stream of content that harnesses the power of visuals, and audio through Agile Content Production, Community Building Strategy, Organic & Paid Activation, Social Media & Influencer Outreach, Social Event Management, and Social Media Management.

High-Impact Advertising

Meet audience needs at every marketing funnel stage to fuel business and societal advancement through Creative Concept Development, Strategic Planning, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Media Buying, Campaign Execution, Content Creation, Audience Targeting, Brand Integration, Measurement, and Analytics.

Insightful Analytics

Sharpen your brand's edge by leveraging big data to gain deep insights into consumer behavior and market trends through Customer Insight Analytics, Segmentation & Prioritization, Pilot Design & Customer Experience Mapping & Transformation, Market Selection, Campaign Analysis & Optimization, and Media Mix/Attribution Modeling.

Integrated Marketing

Harmonize your brand's message across all platforms to drive sales growth through Strategy and Execution, Communications Channel Assessment, and Thought Leadership Content, Employee Experience & Engagement, Purpose Branding and CSR.


Audience Personas
Brand Audit
Brand Architecture
Brand Positioning
Brand Personality
Content Strategy
Digital Advertising Strategy
Experience Strategy
Implementation Strategy
Media Planning
Social Media Strategy


Analytics & Performance Optimization
Branded Films & Series
Creative Concept Development
End-to-End Production
Digital Campaigns
Integrated Campaigns
Influencer Marketing
Media Buying & Distribution
Social Marketing


Brand Guidelines
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Brand Playbook
Experience Design
Motion Design
Print & Editorial Design
Social Media Expression
UX & UI Design

Our Team

OUR Team

Kyleigh Jacobsen
Brand Manager
Melody Davis
Production Administrator
Janelle Fitz
Creative Associate
Sarah Bryars
Director, Finance
Group Account Director
Eric Davis
Kyleigh Jacobsen
Brand Manager
Melody Davis
Production Administrator
Janelle Fitz
Creative Associate
Sarah Bryars
Director, Finance
Group Account Director
Eric Davis
"Veto played a critical role in creating a new expression of our brand that has helped us reposition our brand on a global scale. Veto’s expertise and strategic guidance helped us articulate our brand promise as 'Equipped for Life' with emotionally compelling branding that has been exceptionally well received!"

— James Tweedy, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications | Trinity Western University